Hello there, I’m Sleep 13 from Philadelphia Pennsylvania and this is my first blog about what I’m doing. I’m trying to learn how to market my music. As I’ve often stated I’m getting a late start in this game of making a living from my musical creativity. I suck with computers, I suck with social media. People don’t understand, they say “You can make all that crazy ass music on a computer and do stuff we could never do and you’re telling me you’re scared of Twitter”. “Really”?

Yes really. The thought of having to write blogs and “tweet” people or worse yet play facebook scares me.I don’t get it.

Making the music on my mac comes natural and to tell you the truth there’s also other forces at work there. I feel like there are spiritual forces that work through me in creating this music. I find it hard to even take credit for it. I feel like I’m channeling it. As far as the mixing and polishing of a song? Sometimes I don’t even understand myself how it all comes together. At times I’ll go back to the song and while I’m mixing it and be like, “wow, how did that get there”?

I know that there’s a market for this stuff. I know on the most tiny local level so far that people are reacting to it in a positive manner. Now I hope this isn’t taken wrong but lets face it. There are many so called artists out there and what I mean by “so called” is there music just doesn’t have that special something that makes it good and real.It sounds like something that has already been done. It seems like the brilliance in songwriting is taking the most simple thing and just adding that one touch that makes it new. Many songs have the same chords exactly as another song but yet has that special something. I don’t know how else to explain it.

It seems to me that the less real creativity these so called artists have the better they are at the basics of marketing and regular computer tasks. I bought a book online not too long ago about how to market your music. The book is pretty good, the author makes some good points and all in all I’m happy with it. the guy who wrote it stresses the fact that he too is a musician and at this point in his life he is making a living of of music and online marketing.

I went online, found him and checked his music out.

It is the most 1 dimensional boring simplistic stuff I’ve heard. Quite honestly I could write or should I say channel music like that in a coma. Yet he’s doing it? This should inspire me and in a way it does. If he can do it then so can I.

If I have a product that’s is way more exciting and way more innovative then holly shit right?

I’m gonna need some serious help. I’m gonna really hope the spirits that help me with the music can help me market it but then again those spirits might work on a different level. I well, here it goes anyway.

21 Pilots - Stressed Out

Twenty One Pilots song Stressed out blew my mind.
The title of this blog and a glimpse of hope. Look I have a good ear, I know a well written, catchy song and I’m impressed. That song came out within the last 2 years or so. Much respect guys If you listen to most all of the other stuff coming out it sounds like shlock. In 2012 I heard a few songs that had some substance. Unfortunately they totally ripped off other songs to the extent of theft. For example one of them used the exact melody line from a Kraftwerk song called Computer love. The other one I remember being able to sing the words to a Sting song precisely to the notes and chords.Nice try guys. It makes me really happy to hear a song like “Stressed Out” from 21 Pilots.

I love playing weird Al too. I like to make up my own twisted words to a song just for fun. The other day my cat caught a bird outside, brought it in the house, let it go then chased it around and hunted it again inside. I finally got the bird to fly out of an open window. boy was my cat pissed. The 21 Pilots Stressed out song became:

If I could catch a bird
I’d bring it in the house
I’d him go then case him all around until he’s stressed out.

Original lyrics from 21 Pilots
If I could turn back time
To the good old days
When our mamas’ sang us to sleep but now we’re stressed out.

Sleep 13

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