Hello there, I’m Sleep 13 from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and I’d like to introduce you to a new music I have that doesn’t follow the regular rules of the music coming out these days.In fact when I go online to various music sites to join up they always ask the question “Who Do You Sound Like”?

I must admit I have a hell of a time with that question. I’ve been influenced from everyone from Cole Porter to Brian Wilson to Trent Reznor of Nine inch nails. As much as these mentioned as well as other artists have influenced me I will tell you for sure and you’ll see.

Music is art, music is spirit so if all the music the industry is putting out sounds like everything else and doesn’t have enough substance to ever become a classic then what does that mean?

If I go to You Tube or Google and I type in:

“Why does all the new music suck?”
I will find many articles and videos most made by regular people just like you who are tired of hearing crap music that is boring and mundane. If you are one of these people who see’s this and feels this then I think you might really appreciate the music of Sleep 13…”SLEEP 13

How do I Make My Music?

I use what are called software instruments, many samples of real instruments layed out in the chromatic scale of the keyboard. I use a music sequencing program called Logic Pro. Then sometimes my friend Chris will add real guitar; and he’s really good. Or I might use a real drummer to play to the click track. I never use pre made loops, I write the songs, do all the producing and all of the recording as well.